Farmers Club


Topic of Success story:   LIVELIHOOD AFTER DROUGHT.

Village Name          : ODASINGHA

Intervention Name     :  SAHAJOGA / United we stand, divided we fall.

Success story description:-

Farmer is the main hub of all development.The Economy of a developing country always depend upon the Farmers. If the farmer will be enriched with all agricultural instruments the development of Agriculture as well as prosper of the Nation will grow.Perhaps,so that the Agriculture budget of the County is always taken up priorities for the sake  of Farmer’s development and Firm development .If Farmer will satisfy in his crop production and sale in right price he will produce food grains  in combating with all sorts of  obstacles  or problems and that have been proved by our Farmers Club members of Odasingha.The village Odasingha is situated in surrounding the hills of Nimadi Pahada of Zodumu GP of Narasinghpur Block under Cuttack district. There are 672 Families in Odasigha village and the population is 4658.15 SHG,! Farmers Club, 3 AWC s are working in the village for development. Rudrakali Farmers Club of the village is very active and taken up special interest for village development plan. During the last drought, it was proved by them for arranging water by constructing a check dam on free labor of club and villagers. Due to drought all crops were dried and could not produces much more. The Pahada water in rainy season dispelled through a small rivulet whose name is SUHAGI Nallah.Due to low rain the bed of Nallah could not swell or flooded with water. So, due to dry weather, the bed of the Nallah was dried. So, they could not croup of much food grains and they always ponder over how to foster their family as well as future emergency maintenance .Some of them left the village and want up to work in Hotel at ANDHRA PRADESH( A.P). Rest of the villagers always thought about how they survive from the drought as well as offspings.At that time NABARD shown a special interest by sponsoreing a project through RDO in the theme of How to survive after drought with various line departments’ experts to  accelerate the farmers club member to go ahead with own effort. . Some people saw the Pahad JHARR ( a small source of water) is flowing in the bottom of the Pahada.So, the Club member or all villagers plan to construct a check dam in the catchment area. Initially most of them are unwilling to co operate in the construction of Check dam. The Unwilling beneficiary’s reason was how much water store here and it will save life of the villagers. But in practical way they   constructed check dam with outlet provisions by the Rudrakali Farmers Club member quick and clean water management of the club  over come to  20 acres crop production. They cultivate moisture based and low water consumes vegetables, oilseed and wheat by using the water. Now the inhabitants of the village are very happy and seeing the achievements other villagers of the area are very inclined to solve all problems in order to meet the problem discernables in their villages.

Challenges during Implementation: During implementation of the programme many obstacles and challenges were prevail upon for construction of check dam. Most of the people were unwilling to construct the check dam. Due to collective action of the FC it was overcome and able to impact group action.

Role of RDO: – RDO is a people‘s organization always stresses on people rationale for village development .For the sake of redressal of people problem RDO always gone to the root for finding their solution.

RDO involved in construction, planning, dispell of surplus water, Water management, low consume crop selection, cultivation, water distribution and market.

Beneficiaries Response:-

The response of the Beneficiary is very excellent. They always applauded with Joy NABARD and RDO is the friend of need and go ahead. They are very inclined seeing the activities under taken by NABARD on the spur of the moment for farmers development.

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