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We all by some way or the other feel to help the less fortunate people around us. What stops us in our time factor or the lack of knowledge where to donate or whether the receiver has a genuine requirement or not. 

Then we think of donating to some organization, who carries out service activities for these less fortunate persons. But how do you know, whether the money you donated has been spent in a proper manner and to whom and for what cause and whether it was utilized for the purpose you wanted ?

RDO here assures you that it will give you the details about your money spent on whom, when and to what extent.

All you have to do is, if you have faith on us, you can try us with any amount with specifications as to the category of the beneficiaries, like”Sports Welfare”, “SHGs” “Literacy” “Health Aid”, etc, you want the funds to be spent for.
We will get back to you and possibly we will invite you during the said cause to remain present and serve the less fortunate yourself.

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